Global GPR Services (Ontario) provides a geophysical survey imaging service for a non-destructive testing (NDT) evaluation to locate and map subsurface features. Using Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) we uncover the mysteries below the ground. The depth of penetration is determined by the GPR frequency, soil conditions, ground make up as well as the size and type of target to be identified.

Common Geophysical Survey Applications:

Identify Subsurface Layers - To locate depth of bedrock or water tables prior to drilling or excavation. For mining applications GPR geophysical surveys are also used to map the depths of various soil compositions.

Locate Subsurface Voids - To identify and map the locations and depths of voids in the ground, below concrete slab floors or below road surfaces before they become a dangerous Sink Hole. To determine the overall dimensions of the void a GPR geophysical survey is less invasive than taking multiple core samples.

Archaeology Survey - Subsurface targets and stratigraphy (layering) produce reflections which are recorded by GPR equipment. The depth is determined by the travel time of the reflected signal from the surface to the target and back again. Data may be plotted as maps isolating specific depths or as individual profiles.

Environmental Assessment - GPR technology has may non-invasive testing applications in the area of environmental assessment. Ground contamination, buried objects and water tables may be mapped depending on soil conditions. Our GPR technicians have also mapped animal habitats. In southern Alberta we used ground penetrating radar to map a Prairie Rattlesnake habitat to confirm that a pipeline installation would not disturb the habitat. (READ WHITE PAPER)

It is possible to identify some individual targets on site and in real time. We can also map a GPR survey accurately by taking the GPR data collected and GPS data collected on site, analyzing the information and mapping the results on your site plan for a clear visual summary of our findings. This makes a ground penetrating radar geophysical surveying one of the most efficient and cost effective methods for many geophysical surveys.

Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) Subsurface Imaging Services for Underground Locating Applications by Global GPR Services Inc.