Grave site locating and cemetery mapping has become very important with the cost of real estate getting higher. Compound that with our aging population and there is a higher demand and limited availability for burial sites. This leaves cemeteries with limited space with a growing challenge to service their clients. Further development of the property may be limited without detailed documentation of available burial site locations .

Historical Burial Grounds rarely have documentation of grave site locations. Even though caskets and buried remains have decomposed over time we are able to identify the location of the grave sites with the use of Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR). This technology allows us to identify locations where the ground soil was disturbed previously allowing us to provide accurate cemetery mapping.

Mapping grave site locations provides a permanent record. Once field technicians have scanned the property they can mark the locations on site or take the GPR data to our office and map the exact locations of the burial sites on your digital site plan for future reference in various CAD formats.

You can view a sample of a mapped site plan for a cemetery here (PDF file reduced to print on a standard printer).

There is no need for costly destructive digging to locate grave sites. Our non-invasive method using ground penetrating radar is the ideal solution that will SAVE YOU TIME AND MONEY!

Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) Subsurface Imaging for Cemetery Mapping and Burial Site Locating by Global GPR Services Inc.